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Ludlow High School Auditorium
500 Chapin Street
Ludlow, MA

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    What is "Biblical Counseling?"

    A proper understanding of God's work throughout history is the foundation for Biblical counseling:

    • God is the creator of the universe. 
    • God made things perfect, and man sinned against the Holy and Perfect God.
    • God is perfect and, therefore, imperfection cannot be with him.
    • Every man has sinned against God and the consequences of this sin is eternal death and separation from God.
    • Because God loved his creation, he sent his Son, Jesus, to come and be born as a man.
    • Jesus lived a perfect life in thought, motive and action. Then, he died. Imagine the most humiliating death possible; that's how he died for you.
    • Three days later he rose from the dead.
    • If you confess that Jesus as your Lord and Savior, then you can have Jesus' perfect life and perfect death count as payment for the debt you owe God for your sins.
    • We know that Jesus' life was good enough to pay for our sins because he rose again on the third day; if his death was insufficient, then he would be stuck in hell even now still paying for our sins.
    With this foundation for counseling, Biblical counselors turn to God's word which is perfect, unblemished and applicable to the modern life. God didn't just love mankind enough to send his son to die on our behalf. He also spoke into the lives of a number of individuals throughout history, and he taught us how to live.

    God has answers for your emotional, spiritual and relational problems


    We believe that God's word has answers for your emotional, spiritual and relational problems. You don't have to go through life wondering how you are supposed to live. The creator has given us the answers! God's way is not only the right way, but it is also the most enjoyable and fulfilling way. God created the world to work in a certain manner, and it does. As the creator, he knows how best we should align our lives to reality, and his word gives us those answers. 

    This is not a promise that life will be easy


    This is not a promise that life will be easy. But, as we seek to align our lives with God's word, our lives will be better than if we were living them our way. It is with this understanding of history and life that Biblical counselors will help you with the problems with which you struggle.

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